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The Ames Building, a towering 14 stories at 1 Court St., reigned for more than a decade as the city’s tallest skyscraper — but that was more than a century ago.

Empty for the last eight years, a nonstarter for two would-be redevelopers, and more recently isolated by ugly concrete barriers, the exquisitely carved, historic landmark is soon to be reborn as a boutique hotel with a fine restaurant.

The Ames building, at the corner of State Street and Washington Street, is one of the most under-utilized buildings in the city.

It is in a prime location, near the financial district, City Hall, and Downtown Crossing. It suffers only because it is , and, as this article states, it doesn’t have any on-site parking.

We have seen several nice boutique hotels spring up around the city. I have high hopes that the Ames building, when completed, will be as successful.

Historic tower gets update – By Thomas C. Palmer, Jr., The Boston Globe

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