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Beacon Hill apartment renters conversation

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Beacon Hill apartment renters conversation

Yesterday,  I had a. conversation with a Beacon Hill apartment renter. We talked about of all things spam emails. He told me last night while in his apartment he noticed an email that looked like it was sent by his bank. It said that his account was going to be closed unless he verified his phone number. I told him I hope you didn’t open it, for one thing, the bank wouldn’t do that. fortunately, he was wise enough not to open it.

When I examine email address these scammers may it lock real, except for one missing letter in the domain name. I’ve in the past also receive an invoice for over $500 that supposedly was going to come out of my PayPal account. Once again there was a link I could click if the invoice is a mistake. You shouldn’t click a link in an email, unless you’re sure that’s it valid.

I received a text message about pictures from one of my listings needing some tweaking and a link to click on for help. No way.

The worst thing that happened was when I had a problem with this site and tech support told me to install WordPress update. I know better as I was able to view the site and I could see the word press files on the server. The support specialist was fairly assertive about it too.

I came close to clicking on the link but I stopped and thought about it and decided that I would wait until today and call for help. That turned out to be the right thing to do. The site is up and running and I didn’t have to install anything.

Have a great day and try not to ruin your life or your business by clicking on the wrong link.

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