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Beacon Hill renters are wondering: “Where are the price reductions?”

Remember in April 2020 when everyone was scared to death to live in Boston because they didn’t want to catch the dreaded Covid from strangers coming through? When Boston Beacon Hill agents were required to wipe down the house after every showing?

It was the month that there was everyone seemed to be leaving Boston Beacon Hill for the suburbs, and Beacon Hill at one point had close to 300 Boston Beacon Hill apartments available for rent.

Boston Beacon Hill One Year Latter

This month, we’ve seen fewer Beacon Hill apartment listings come on, thus, it’s unlikely that we will reach the same number of listings we’ve seen in the past. The demand is certainly higher than it was in April 2020, and yet Beacon Hill apartments are in short supply

While it feels like there are more Boston Beacon Hill apartment listings coming on the market recently, however, it seems like most are outrageously priced. You can’t blame Beacon Hill apartment owners who have noticed that there are fewer listings around and Beacon Hill renters are willing to pay these rocketing skyward prices.

Two Boston Beacon Hill thoughts:

  1. Beacon Hill renters aren’t going to see much of a price break due to higher demand
  2. To answer the question: Where are the new listings: Simple answer the inventory may never bounce back to where it used to be.
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