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My recent birthday left me with an unyielding realisation — I am part of a dying breed. Seriously, I’m a baby boomer and we, like the generations before us, are going to be gone one day. So if you want to garner my wisdom — grab me quick. Before it’s too late.


I made it through black Friday and Cyber Monday without spending a dime. .

The news this week has been all about projections for holiday spending. I know that the economy is depending on all of us to spend money but there is also a downside to spending money on stuff.

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Maybe if we all spent less money the economy will slow then Boston condo interest rates will go down and that will make it easier for people to buy condominiums and townhouses.

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If people spent less buying gasoline prices at the pump, prices will go down too. It would be fun to watch those record oil company profits take a nosedive.

Employers count on workers overspending during the holidays and starting the new year needing lots of money. Having bills to pay is a great motivator.

It would be fun to see what happens if people spent less this holiday season. And used that savings for a down payment on a Boston condo for sale or perhaps use the extra cash for closing costs.

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