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Boston condo broker is confused about what holiday today is

When I grew up in NY today was called Columbus Day. Fast forward to 2022, What holiday is this? Some say today is indigenous peoples day and others Columbus day. As a real estate professional, I guess this is a double holiday.

What I know for sure is that today is a Federal holiday . . . I guess the only double Federal holiday. There won’t be any mail delivery, that’s fine with me, I won’t see any bills or junk mail. It looks like everything else will be open but I don’t know for sure.

I was watching the Discovery Channel and it showed that the Vikings “discovered”  America long before Christopher Columbus did. Why aren’t we celebrating them? Let’s have a triple holiday.

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We also know that in 1492 there was no internet or telephones. Back then, just like today History was made and written by the winners, usually wealthy men.

I guess that saying is true; “History always repeats itself.”

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