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Boston condo broker moments…

In this Boston Real Estate Blog post, I’ll show you twenty very common Boston condo brokers reactions when sales and rentals are going great and also when there lousy.

When a Boston condo for sale deal you thought was dead comes back to life.

When I do a real estate showing and I see food laid out on the table and I’m not sure who’s it for.


The reaction I get when an internet apartment lead meets me for the first time

Me trying to knock out my Boston real estate competition

Preparing myself for showing apartments to college students with their parents

When someone in my real estate office is trying to sell me their kids Girl Scout cookies.

People rushing to see my new Boston condo for sale listing.

When I tell my love one, “Honey, I need to work late again on a Boston high rise condo showing. Mona, why are you so mad?”

When I brought the wrong keys to show a Beacon Hill apartment.

This is why I’m not in the Boston apartment property management business.

When a client gets to handsy at a Ford Realty Christmas party

When you realize you and your Boston condo sales client are in a bidding war.

Trying to catch my Amtrak train from NY back to downtown Boston.

When your home inspection for your South Boston condo sale didn’t go as well as you were hoping.

When you show your clients the Beacon Hill apartment of their dream, and then tell them, by the way, there’s a full month broker fee.

Hiring a car salesman to conduct a Boston condo for sale open house

Trash day in Boston before one of my apartment showings

When you just lost out on a Seaport condo sale.

When you realize your late for a Boston condo for sale showing.

When you wake up on New Years Day, and ask yourself who’s Boston condo is this?

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