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Boston condo broker wants to know: Football is romantic, isn’t it?

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Boston condo broker wants to know: Football is romantic, isn’t it?

Let me set up the scene:

She reminded me that Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday.

I reminded her that Super Bowl is on Sunday.

I was thinking, this is an odd combination of a mid-winter pause – you have poetry, candy, flowers and a heart-l warm loving romance on Valentines Day, February 14th, versus, an adrenaline-fueled blood-lust spectacle of ferocity and brutal bone-crunching titans trying to pound you into the ground on Super Bowl Sunday Feb 12th. (Actually, that last part sounded like my present relationship).

But I digress

Mona: John, you know we can avoid the crowds on Valentines Day by celebrating on Sunday.

Me: I hope you’re joking!

Mona:  Okay, here’s and idea why don’t we combine them together, lol

Me: Would I have to make to call an audible call that I love you. If so, it would have to wait till half time.

Maybe there will be romantic T.V.  super Bowl commercials.

Do Americans spend more money on Valentines Day or on the Super Bowl?

Boston condo brokers thought: Super Bowl vs. Valentine’s Day – no contest

In fact, U.S. football fans shelled out an average of $473 on Super Bowl staples like chicken wings, guacamole and chips, bean dip, party trays and the occasional giant, flat-screen T.V. in the lead up to the game.

Map of the US displaying average cart size for Super Bowl purchases by state

Meanwhile, love interests and life partners managed only an average tab of $156 on thoughtful Valentine’s gifts, such as fashion and accessories, luxury goods and cosmetics and pampering products.

US map displaying average cart size of Valentine's Day spending by state


A list of the most purchased Super Bowl foods, according to Signifyd Pulse data

Football is romantic, isn’t it? I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder.






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