Boston condos for sale $700,000 – $800,000

Boston condominiums  just newly released onto the MLS range from the lower end around $700,000 like at the  St. Germain Apartments with but 648 sq ft.  And higher end condos like at the Clarendon Street in the Back Bay for $800,000.

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Luxury Boston Condos for Sale: Find Your Dream Home in the $700K – $800K Range

Picture this: The sun’s golden rays paint the morning sky as you sip your coffee from the heights of your exclusive Beacon Hill condominium. You feel a gust of cool, crisp Boston air from your private balcony overlooking the sparkling Charles River. Luxury isn’t an elusive dream anymore — it’s the reality in one of our exquisite Boston condos priced between $700K- $800K. In Boston’s bustling real estate scene, there is a premium oasis waiting for you, within reach. Your ultimate dream home is right here in America’s beloved historic city — and it’s more affordable than you think.

Our website features a list of current condos and homes for sale in Boston and nearby towns including Somerville, Cambridge, Brookline, and Newton within the $700,000-$800,000 price range. These listed properties are updated hourly by MLS and located in various neighborhoods throughout Boston such as Seaport, Downtown, East Boston, South End, and South Boston. The listed properties include a variety of styles, including Condos, Single Family Homes, and Multi-Family Homes.

Exploring Boston’s Luxury Condos

If you’re in the market for a luxury condo in Boston, there are many impressive options to choose from. From spacious units with stunning city views to historic buildings packed with character and charm, there is a wide range of styles and features available that cater to different tastes and lifestyles.

For example, Seaport District condos have been increasingly popular over the past few years due to its proximity to the waterfront and numerous attractions such as restaurants, shopping centers, and nightlife hotspots. In contrast, if you’re searching for a more traditional residential experience, neighborhoods like South End or Beacon Hill might offer more attractive homes.

When browsing luxury homes online or attending open houses, keep an eye out for unique features that set each condo apart from others on the market. For instance, some buildings come equipped with world-class amenities such as a private gym, roof deck, concierge services or exclusive resident-only lounges. Alternatively, certain properties might have distinctive layouts and design elements that capture your attention immediately.

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack when it comes to selecting which luxury condo in Boston suits your needs and personal preferences. However, working with a skilled real estate agent can make all the difference in helping you navigate through the available options and pick out a gem that fits both your budget and lifestyle.

One such standout property is The Lucas Condos located in South End. This stunning development merges modern-day luxury living with the area’s rich historical past resulting in an eye-catching masterpiece. With floor-to-ceiling windows providing unparalleled natural light exposure, granite counters tops blending conveniences of contemporary living with classic sophistication and elegant design finishes this project sits apart from others in the same class!

Now that we’ve established some factors to consider when exploring Boston’s luxury condos let’s examine some of the most sought-after waterfront neighborhoods in the city!

Highlighting Waterfront Neighborhoods

Two of Boston’s most desirable waterfront neighborhoods are the Seaport District and the North End. Both areas offer scenic views of Boston Harbor, easy access to top-rated restaurants, and a thriving nightlife scene.

The Seaport District is a particularly attractive neighborhood for young professionals who crave an urban vibe, and modern architecture mixed with beautiful harbor views. Over the past decade, new developments have been transforming this former industrial zone into one of the city’s hottest residential areas. From sleek high-rises like EchelonSeaport, prestigious apartments featuring fantastic amenities such as first-class pool deck or private wine storage rooms to contemporary lofts with exposed brick and open layouts, you’ll find many options that meet any budget or taste.

If you’re looking for quieter surroundings with more historical depth, North End might be more your speed. This charming Italian enclave situated on Boston’s famous Hanover Street offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life while still being within close proximity. In addition to classic brick row houses with cozy courtyards or private rooftops, you’ll find distinctive high-end condos that cater to refined tastes.

Notably, luxury condos in both areas typically feature spacious balconies or terraces perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing after work while taking in the panoramic harbor views from your home.

However, finding a condo with spectacular views living at a water-adjacent location almost always brings potential issues like noise nuisance or other disturbances depending upon how busy adjacent roads or shipping channels may be. While some people love hearing live music from nearby venues others may prefer absolute peace & tranquility. So when choosing amongst waterfront luxury condos it is essential to experience them yourself before making a purchase decision.

One exceptional property worth checking out is Harbor Towers located directly along Boston’s scenic waterfront. This premier property has unparalleled views of cityscapes and harbor views, premium soundproofing features allowing for peaceful interiors, spacious living areas with high ceilings, and unique fireplaces to cozy up with a book on a chilly night.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the most sought-after waterfront neighborhoods in Boston let’s explore different styles of luxury condos and unique features.

Condo Styles and Unique Features

When it comes to luxury condo living, there are plenty of styles and features to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a high-rise with stunning city views or an historic brownstone with unique architectural details, Boston has it all.

One popular style in Boston is the loft-style condo. These units often feature open floor plans, high ceilings, and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. They are perfect for those who love a modern aesthetic and enjoy entertaining guests.

Another stylish option is the townhouse-style condo. These units offer more space and privacy, often spanning over multiple levels with private outdoor spaces such as balconies or patios. Many of these condos also come equipped with modern luxury amenities like gourmet kitchens and spa-like bathrooms.

For those who appreciate classic architecture and historical charm, brownstone-style condos are the perfect option. These units typically offer beautiful original details such as ornate moldings, high ceilings, and fireplaces, along with modern upgrades that bring them up to date.

Finally, there are luxury high-rise condos that offer breathtaking city views and resort-style amenities. These buildings often include fitness centers, rooftop gardens, concierge services, and more. They are ideal for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle with convenience at their fingertips.

For example, The Benjamin in the Ink Block development is one such building that offers high-end luxury amenities such as 24-hour concierge service, a rooftop lounge with panoramic city views, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and an outdoor pool. It boasts a variety of stylish condo styles including studios and multi-bedroom units.

There’s no shortage of unique features when it comes to luxury Boston condos either. From smart home technology to wine coolers in the kitchen, these extras will take your living space to a whole new level of luxury.

For those who appreciate indoor-outdoor living, many luxury condos offer features like private terraces and balconies. Imagine waking up every morning to a beautiful skyline view, sipping coffee on your own private outdoor space.

Other features that can add significant value to a luxury condo might include customized closets or built-in storage options. These convenient amenities help maximize space while freeing up room for more decorative elements.

Of course, with all these extra features comes added cost. It’s important to weigh the benefits versus the expenses when considering what styles and unique features you prefer in your dream luxury condo. It’s also worth considering how often you’ll actually use those fancy amenities. If you’re rarely home or don’t plan to entertain often, it might not be worth spending extra money on top-of-the-line upgrades.

To put it into perspective, it’s like deciding whether to buy a car with all the bells and whistles or just the basic package. Sure, the high-end model comes with more features and is arguably more luxurious, but if you’re only using it for short commutes it may not be necessary.

  • When it comes to luxury condo living in Boston, there are a variety of styles and features available for buyers to consider. Loft-style condos offer open floor plans and modern aesthetics, while townhouse-style condos provide more space and privacy. Brownstone-style condos boast classic architecture and historical charm, while luxury high-rise buildings offer resort-style amenities and breathtaking city views. Consider your lifestyle needs and how often you’ll actually use the added amenities when deciding which style and features are right for you.


When it comes to buying a luxury condo in Boston, there are several things to keep in mind. From weighing the pros and cons of different neighborhoods to understanding what your budget can realistically afford, here are some key considerations before taking the plunge.

First and foremost: location matters. Boston is filled with various neighborhoods such as Downtown Boston, Beacon Hill, and Midtown among others – each offering something different for residents. Some areas cater more towards nightlife and entertainment while others provide peace and tranquility.

Another crucial aspect to understand when it comes to purchasing a luxury condo in Boston is HOA fees. These are the monthly fees you pay to the homeowners association for shared services such as maintenance and repair of communal spaces such as pools, gardens, and parking. It’s important to understand the amount of the fees before making a purchase, as they can add up quickly and eat into your overall budget.

For example, residents of The W residences in Boston’s Seaport pay a $3,000 monthly HOA fee that covers 24-hour concierge service, access to a state-of-the-art fitness center, private screening room access, and valet parking.

Another factor to consider is financing. Luxury condos may require different financing options than traditional homes due to their high purchase price and additional costs such as HOA fees.

Finally, it’s important not to get swept away by luxury amenities without considering what you genuinely need versus what you want. In some cases, over-the-top amenities may be less valuable than practical considerations such as proximity to work or schools.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

When it comes to making a decision about buying a luxury condo in Boston, it’s important to weigh out the pros and cons. On the one hand, investing in a luxury condo can be a great opportunity to own a high-end property in an exclusive location with all the amenities you need. On the other hand, there are drawbacks to consider, such as cost of maintenance and HOA fees. Let’s explore these pros and cons in more detail.

One major advantage of owning a luxury condo is that they often boast top-of-the-line amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and 24-hour concierge services. Not only do these features add value to your lifestyle, but they also increase the resale value of your property. Additionally, owning a luxury condo can provide for an easier lifestyle as you won’t have to worry about maintaining exterior spaces like lawns or sidewalks.

Luxury condos are also oftentimes located in prime areas within the city, such as waterfront neighborhoods or downtown districts. This allows easy access to some of Boston’s finest dining establishments, cultural institutions and entertainment options. Furthermore, many luxury condo buildings have on-site restaurants and boutiques on their first floors meaning you won’t have to leave your building for certain conveniences.

On the other side of the coin, expenses associated with owning a luxury condo must be weighed carefully because they can frequently amount to thousands of dollars per month. In addition to mortgage payments, property tax and insurance costs are typically higher for luxury properties than traditional homes due to their size and amenities. Maintenance or homeowner association fees are also standard for most condominiums making budgeting an important consideration.

It’s also crucial to realize that although owning a property is considered an investment – whether purchasing something new or renovating – non-luxury condos usually have much lower costs associated with owning and maintaining them. In fact, purchasing a more affordable home can provide some buyers with the flexibility to allocate funds towards other investments such as college savings or retirement while living comfortably.

Considering both the advantages and disadvantages of owning a luxury condo in Boston will allow for informed decision-making. However, before diving into what potential pitfalls exist when buying a luxury condo in Boston, let’s talk about what considerations should be made regardless of condo price.

What to Consider Before Buying

When looking for a luxury condo, whether it’s your first home or an addition to your investment portfolio, there are certain considerations that need to be made in order to ensure your purchase aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

Location is an important consideration when purchasing a luxury condo in Boston. Many residents prioritize walkability and public transportation when choosing where to live. Additionally, proximity to dining establishments, nightlife destinations, and cultural institutions can enhance your quality of life and property value.

Amenities like fitness centers, rooftop decks, indoor pools, guest suites are worth taking into account as well. These features not only add value but also convenience which can benefit your day-to-day activities. It’s also important to review the specific building in which you’re considering purchasing because each one may have varying supplemental amenities for their residents.

The community surrounding your prospective property must also be considered. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of owning a luxury condo, being part of a community that fits your interests and promotes healthy lifestyles is invaluable. Oftentimes take winter weather for example, sidewalks can remain icy until mid-day depending on how often plows come through so being part of a neighborhood that values clean roads becomes all the more important.

Finally, researching the reputation of the developer or company marketing the condo is crucial. A strong reputation for building quality, conducting ethical business practices assists with long-term maintenance and HOA charges associated with your new home or investment property.

Therefore, addressing these considerations while searching for your new luxury condo will empower you to choose a property that suits not only your lifestyle but your financial goals as well.

Location, Amenities and Community

When it comes to buying your perfect luxury condo, the location is one of the most critical factors to consider. Boston offers a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its unique characteristics, amenities, and culture. A condo situated in a bustling downtown area may have a different vibe from one located in a quieter residential neighborhood.

Along with location, it’s essential to find a building that caters to your lifestyle needs. Do you need a gym or swimming pool? Would you prefer a rooftop terrace for entertaining or maybe access to nearby parks? Make sure to explore what amenities are available within each building.

Community is another significant aspect to take into account when looking for a luxury condo. Buildings that foster community can bring a sense of belonging and comfort that can elevate your daily life. Consider buildings that offer communal spaces, social activities, and connections with other residents so that you feel part of something more than just four walls.

Finding a location that suits your lifestyle and needs will allow you to create the best living situation for yourself while enjoying the highest quality of life possible.

To illustrate these points further, let me share an example of how the location, amenities, and community can come together harmoniously within Boston’s Seaport district. The Seaport has emerged as one of Boston’s most sought-after locations with its great waterfront views, high-end restaurants and entertainment options.

The Echelon is one such luxury development offering residents an exclusive experience. This building features two towers, each boasting top-of-the-line amenities such as indoor pools, state-of-the-art gyms, and private lounges. The design reflects modern sophistication with open floor plans letting natural light fill every room. The Echelon also includes outdoor space surrounded by lush gardens; allowing residents to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind.

Not only does this building cater to the luxury lifestyle, but it also builds an integrated community. Residents can take advantage of the extensive amenities to form connections with other people in the building while sharing their daily experiences and fostering lasting relationships.

Of course, some may argue that they do not require a community in their building as long as they enjoy comfortable living spaces with premium amenities. But is that enough when buying a luxury condo? A vibrant community can make life more seamless and enjoyable by providing a sense of belonging.

Keep in mind that you’re not just buying an expensive property; you are investing in an exclusive lifestyle where every detail should cater to your needs. So, also consider how a building fosters relationships among residents while offering top-notch amenities and being located in an ideal location.

Now let’s explore some notable luxury condominium buildings, each with its unique personality and features.

Notable Luxury Condominium Buildings

The Four Seasons Private Residences offers a luxurious living experience in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood famous for its iconic Commonwealth Avenue view. The elegant building itself is 35-stories high featuring floor-to-ceiling windows for panoramic city views. Residents can indulge in world-class hotel services, including housekeeping, 24-hour concierge service, spa treatments, and fitness centers.

The Millennium Tower is another well-known luxury development located near Downtown Boston’s bustling shopping district. This 60-story building offers breathtaking views of Boston from all angles with high-end amenities such as a fitness center, swimming pool, golf simulator room, and movie theater room.

The Pierce Boston was built with modern architecture alongside contemporary interior design elements; this striking 30-story tower stands out from the rest. The building boasts cutting-edge energy-efficient technology with large windows giving residents stunning views of the surrounding areas up to 100 miles away. It has a rooftop terrace with an outdoor pool surrounded by glass panels to capture magnificent sunset views while basking in the outdoor atmosphere.

The Ritz Carlton Residences is a 40-story building that redefines luxury living with its spacious and state-of-the-art units. It also includes a private entrance, 24-hour concierge service, security, and valet parking. The building’s proximity to prominent landmarks like Boston Common and Beacon Hill provides residents with easy access to Boston’s rich culture and history.

For those looking for something unique, we recommend One Dalton, a contemporary beacon of sophistication that stands tall above the gorgeous backdrop of the skyline. The 61-story tower has 160 elegantly crafted condos above an upscale hotel starting from the 37th floor. It features world-class amenities such as an indoor pool with views of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood and a high-end restaurant operated by renowned chefs to satisfy your culinary cravings within the comfort of your own building.

These buildings offer residents luxurious amenities while placing them at the heart of Boston’s rich history and culture. The attention given to every detail creates living spaces that are unmatched in terms of luxury, location, and community.

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