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Boston condos for sale: AI and misinformation

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Boston condos for sale: AI and misinformation

I am not an expert on everything but I am an expert on a few things. Boston condos for sale is one. 

There is more, but I’m humble man(sometimes) and I try not to be one of those “know it all”.

When people need advice on topics of interest the sometimes crowd-source answers to questions from their Facebook friends or will go to other social media sites and just ask.

Often the answers they get are wrong. Some are partially correct based on one person’s limited experience.

I have been playing around with AI. When I try to use it to write a blog post or answer a question I get these kinds of cliché-like statements that are not really true but they have some truth in them. Selling Boston condos for sale is of course local simple cliche-answers won’t cut the mustered(cliché intended)

Just because your friends hold a belief that doesn’t make it true.  There are common misconceptions about how to buy a Boston condo for sale that I see everywhere. As we all know just because there is an article about something on the internet doesn’t make it accurate or true.

Please if you have a Boston condo for sale question ask a professional. Someone like me of course, a licensed real estate broker with more than 20 years of experience serving the needs of residential real estate clients. I can answer all sorts of questions and when I can not I know how to find the correct answer.

When people crowd-source answers to their real estate questions they may also be sharing information that should be confidential with people they do not know. Real estate agents often search for social media accounts and use them to get information that can help in negotiations.

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