Real estate agents have strict legal and ethical requirements they must follow when it comes to disclosing things about a downtown Boston condo for sale. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try to gloss over problems by using some common real estate code words.

1. Cozy

“Cozy” is a term that typically means comfortable and warm, but in real estate parlance it is often used as a word to put a positive spin on a condo that is small.

2. Unique

“Unique” means one of a kind. In the world of real estate, one of a kind often means that a property has extreme personal touches that are not going to appeal to most buyers, which can make it very hard to sell.

3. Conveniently Located

Whether a property is “conveniently located” is in the eyes of the owner. While many people may like to be located in a busy area close to shopping and entertainment, others may simply consider a central location a noisy nuisance.

4. Needs TLC

“Needs TLC” or its sister phrase, “fixer upper”, are code words for the fact that a property needs significant work to be livable. Buying a fixer-upper can be a good way to get into a pricey area, but it also can turn into a marathon remodel with ballooning costs.

5. Up-and-Coming Neighborhood

When a neighborhood is “up and coming” it usually means it’s in transition and may be a great place to live in a few years but not necessarily now.

When looking for a place to call home, take your time. Those who practice patience will thank themselves in the end for not rushing to buy a place that doesn’t ultimately fit their needs. Ready to kick your home search into overdrive? Give us a call at 617-720-5454. We can show you downtown Boston condos for sale.

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