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Boston condos for sale: False talks of a housing bubble

The housing bubble downers are hoping to drive the Boston condo for sale market into hysterics.  It’s easy for Boston condo buyers and sellers to get caught up in it too, and think the sky is falling.

Let’s identify the terms, what housing bubble doomers want you to believe, and the truth:

Boston Condo for Sale Inventory Surge

Housing Bubble Downers: Sellers are hitting the panic button.

Truth: If we are taking about a surge in active listings, it is because the list of aspirational sellers (those who will only move if they get their price) is growing longer. They aren’t the market makers; they are only helping those that are.

Boston Condo Price Reductions

Housing Bubble Downers – Boston condo for sale prices are falling.

Truth: Sellers mis-priced their Boston condo for sale from too enthusiastic brokers, and now they are hoping that if they knock off a couple of bucks, it will make a difference.

Boston Condo for Sale Affordability

Housing Bubble Downers – Boston condo for sale prices must come down so regular people can afford to buy.

Truth – In downtown Boston, condo for sale prices haven’t been affordable for the common man in years, yet home prices have accelerated.  The Boston condo for sale market is only for the affluent now.

Higher Interest Rates Will Crush the Boston Condo Market

Housing Bubble Downers – Home prices and rates go hand in hand. When rates go up, prices must come down.

Truth – The bumps in rates are only giving the affluent a reason to pause, in hopes of a price correction.

More Open Houses for Boston Condos for Sale

Housing Bubble Downers– Realtors are panicking.

Truth – More realtor trainees are trying their luck in the market.

Boston Condo Sales Dropping

Housing Bubble Downers – Market is being crushed.

Truth – More sellers are holding out for their price.

Boston Condos Sales Prices

Housing Bubble Downers – Sales prices are dropping.

Truth – Last month Boston condo sales prices rose.

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