Boston Condos for Sale and Apartments for Rent


Boston condos for sale finding your dream home

There is an idea out there about buying your dream penthouse Back Bay or Boston Seaport condo. Most people never live in their dream home, they buy a Boston condo for sale they can afford in a location that is as convenient for them as possible.

Dreaming of a Seaport Condo

It is alright to keep dreaming and maybe someday that dream Boston Seaport condo will become a reality. I have found that my dreams change over time and in January I tend to dream of living someplace warm. During the holidays I dream of a Boston condo with a fireplace.

Boston Condos for Sale

The number of homes nationally on the market is at an all-time low. Your dream home might not be on the market but you may find a Boston condominium that you really like that is on the market.

Boston Condo Home Search

Start your home search with a list of needs and a list of wants. Needs might include 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms and on a quiet street. Maybe in an area that is close to family, friends, and work or close to the Boston Common or Charles River or some combination of all that.

Boston Condo Price Points

Stick to a Boston condo price point that is lower than the most expensive home you can pay for.

Boston Condos for Sale and the Bottom Line

Boston condos for sale are expensive, to begin with. There is no advantage in buying a condo that is too expensive. If all Boston condos are too expensive as a first-time buyer, buy a 2 bedroom condo and find a roommate or two

Boston condos for sale
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Boston condos for sale finding your dream home

The baby’s room is doubling as an office. You work across town and spend more time in traffic than you do with your family. The stairs in your split-level home seem to get higher each time you climb them. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to move up and find a Boston condo for sale that meets your new needs.

Everybody has a dream home – the home that can accommodate a growing family or simplify life in retirement. The move-up home buyer has lived in their home a few years and has it nearly or completely paid off. Rather than being forced to leave because of foreclosure or a job change, moving up just means there’s another home out there in downtown Boston that will better suit your needs.

Thinking about moving?

If you’ve been talking about finding that perfect Boston condo for sale – whether it’s bigger or smaller than the one you own, closer to town or father away – it’s time to stop talking about it and move up already!.The downtown Boston real estate market is at that sweet spot: low inventory, low interest rates, and high demand. With the help of a good downtown Boston real estate agent, you can sell the home you’re in and move up to the home you’ve always wanted all in the matter of a few months.

Unlike trading in your car, trading in your Boston Beacon Hill home can be a win-win situation for buyer and seller. Even if the value of your Boston Midtown condo hasn’t gone up since you bought it, you may be able to get more “bang for your buck” when you put that money into a new home. Did you settle for less when you bought your current home because the perfect neighborhood was too pricey or there was nothing available? Things have changed – you may be pleasantly surprised when you check again.

Once you’ve made the decision to move up to a new Boston midtown home, talk with your downtown Boston real estate agent about how to make it possible. Taking the equity in your existing home and using it to purchase a new home can be the simplest way, but some may choose to rent their existing home instead. By holding on to your existing home and renting it out, you can let your rental income take care of the mortgage on your new home and retain a nest egg for the future.


If owning two Boston homes at once isn’t an option, your real estate agent can help you find ways to sell your current home and find a new one before it’s time to move out. For example, you may opt for a longer closing period – a month or more – and seek out options to rent back your home for up to 60 days.

No matter how you go about moving up, there’s no doubt that an experienced Beacon Hill real estate agent can make a big difference. You want to find the home you’ll stay in for years to come – and your real estate agent can help you set priorities, consider new options, and spend your money wisely. If you’re ready to stop talking about your dream home and actually start living in it, let’s talk today!