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Boston is good place to live

It sounds odd, I know, but I’d like to ask you to review your life for the next minute, while you read this. I want to ask you some questions to reflect on. Do you want to live in a place that you care about? Where you’ve seen people come together to help others in need, such as a when a disaster struck. A place where you feel that you belong and where others share that feeling, even if there strangers.

You know such a place because you’ve been here. It’s located in each one of our downtown Boston neighborhoods from Back Bay to the Seaport. Now hold that thought, because now I will ask you to do one more thing. Next time you’re walking down Charles Street in Beacon Hill or perhaps down Tremont Street in Midtown, show how proud you are of our city and smile at the stranger walking by, or a nice good morning or good evening.

Let’s show the rest of the country that Boston is a good place to live.

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