The way Boston  buyers start their search for condos and townhouses is continuously changing with the internet. Today, more than ever before its important to provide as much information on a Boston condo listing, especially when it comes to pictures or virtual tours.

This past week, I had a conversation with a new  Boston agent who called me and said she just listed on MLS a well priced listing and wanted to know if I had any clients that may be interested in it, after the salesperson told me the location, I told the agent, thanks I think I do. I said, let me send the listing to my buyer so he can view the pictures and decide if he wants to see it. I immediately went on to MLS to bring up the listing and there were only three pictures. One was the front of the building, one of the lobby and one of the renovated kitchen. I called back the Boston agent  and I said to this agent how does the living area look? The real estate agent responded “There is a beautiful living area with hardwood floors.” I asked how’s the bathroom, is it renovated? The Boston real estate agent responded “Oh yes, the bathroom is beautiful.” So I asked the agent, why are there no pictures on the listing showing the “beautiful” bathroom and living area. I want to show my buyer so he can decide if he wants to see it.

The listing agent says to me: “The pictures of a vacant living area make it look smaller than what it is and I don’t like to show pictures of bathrooms, I thinks its kinda tacky” She says to me that she wants the potetntial buyers to come and preview the property and not look at pictures online. Really? So what about the buyers who are busy and don’t want to waste their time or who aren’t local and are viewing properties on the internet? I explained to her that when there are no pictures or very few photo’s buyers assume there is something wrong with the property otherwise there would be numerous pictures.

 Her response: Oh.

I’ll have another training course for new Boston real estate agents next week – NOT

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