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First let me start off, this isn’t a Downtown Boston real estate blog post. I mention that because I don’t want anyone to expect a clever story that ties socks and downtown Boston real estate together, even though they are related. . . somehow . . I’m sure.

Today I’m going to talk about my sock dawer, I know … ha, ha, ha.

My sock drawer

Why is it when we lose one sock we keep the other one, no matter for how long, thinking the missing sock will just show up (which it will, but not until the day after we throw the other one away). Every time I do laundry I haul out the pile of single socks and line them up hoping for a match. It’s a little like 8th grade when the girls all stood together, backs to the wall, waiting to see if a boy would cross the gym floor to ask a girl to dance. Mainly nobody dances. And the socks go back into the pile. When one does show up, it confirms my idea that it was good to hold on to all those socks all that time.

In case you’re wondering … I have on my socks. 

A Beacon Hill broker once told me that she can tell a lot about a person by their socks  If she were a psychiatrist she would skip the chit chat and just go for the socks  

It seems after you purchase a pair of socks they seem to take on a life of there own and do everything they can to go there own separate ways.  These days with life so hectic I just stopped caring about all that.  If they are from the same color family I wear them. Like I’m doing today. I hope my next client this afternoon doesnt notice that.

Socks and my Boston condo dryer

I used to speculate endlessly, wondering if it is the dryer that eats the socks or the washer, I think most of us have had that conversation with ourselves at some point.  It is tempting to watch both machines and see which one it is but I am not sure watching appliances would be gripping enough to keep me awake through the whole cycle process.   Part of me wants to just find a way to solve the whole sock thing, yet I wonder how much time I should spend on such a frivolous endeavor. 

What’s wrong with me today

If I can just rise above it all and not think about socks I can think about something else, but if I don’t have socks that match that is all I can think about . . . to complicate the situation when I show a Boston high rise condo I have to take my shoes off.  No one has ever commented on my socks but I know what they are saying behind my back.  ” . . honey I really liked that last house, did you notice that the REALTORS socks were not from the same color family . . . he he he ” . Yes I did, I wonder what his sock drawer looks like . . ha ha ha

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