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Boston Real Estate: Climate Assessment Checker for your Boston address

What is the climate real estate bubble?

On April 19, Time magazine published an article that tackled the issue of climate change, particularly in the way it affects (and will continue to pose a risk) on millions of homes in the U.S. This would include those Boston condos in the Seaport, Waterfront, Cape Cod ect.

Case in point: According to Time, First Street Foundation’s research “estimates that flooding alone already results in $20 billion in property loss annually and that this figure will grow to more than $30 billion in 30 years.”

Byron and Nicole weighed in on the story, sharing their thoughts on climate-induced flights, insurance, and risk mitigation tools and why people continue to buy homes in areas with high-risk weather patterns.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

I don’t want or need to get into the politics of climate change, I just like this new climate risk assessment tool.

Check your Boston home climate risk here:

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