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How e-commerce is impacting Boston real estate, as it pertains to commercial retailers that long occupied the largest spaces in shopping malls across Massachusetts, the rise of e-commerce has meant shrinking, or in some cases, going out of business altogether for many store owners.

The result is that its hurting the commercial section of the Boston real estate market.

A shift away from downtown Boston

During the 2010s, suburban office space lost its luster to the activity of the the downtown Boston real estate city and the charms of walkable neighborhoods.

Downtown Boston and its tall towers all seemed shiny and new.

Now the suburbs in Boston are seeing more resident demand than they have in years. A few months of pandemic has suddenly refocused companies and their workers back to the suburbs.

Changing demographics

Many Boston real estate brokers believe demographics are more important in the revival of Boston’s suburbs than the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which is bound to be temporary.

None of that is to say that suburban office space is going to be the same as it was before the pandemic, however popular it becomes. It too will change as expectations for space change among companies and their workers.

But Boston is adapting.,,,

Entrepreneurial footholds – Boston is adapting

Smaller retailers are taking advantage of the available space, leading to a rise in entrepreneurial retail concepts. Real estate broker points to the Seaport neighborhood of downtown Boston, where short-term pop-up She-Village flourished earlier this year.

Ten different women-owned businesses had a little space inside, which allowed them the retail presence to build up their brand, but didn’t require the huge capital investment of taking a whole new store and a ten-year lease

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