Consider this. If you voted in the Presidential election, then regardless of its outcome, there would be 70 million people who disagreed with you. These are not 70 million idiots, socialists, extremists, racists, or rioters. They are your fellow Americans who have different lived experiences, concerns and priorities than you. People who receive their information from different sources than you and are often surrounded by similar folks that reinforce their opinions, knowledge and biases.

If you are like me, many are also your family and friends – people who would step in front of a bus for you. So before you throw them under that said bus, perhaps a little humility is in order.

I reminded of a story:

President Abraham Lincoln was once criticized for referring the Confederates in kind terms. A woman critic asked the President how he could speak generously of his enemies when he should rather destroy them.

“Why, Madam,” replied Lincoln, “Do I not destroy them when I make them my friends?”

Few people have had the ability to tell stories to illustrate points like our 16 president.

I love good stories that teach a lesson.

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