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I know several individuals working because of the pandemic. As a result, some downtown Boston real estate owners have moved to remote locations or are planning such a move because they no longer need to live within a reasonable commute to where they work.

These Boston real estate owners are confident that they will always have the same employer or that their next job will also be work from home. Working from home isn’t new and the technology to make it possible has been around for a couple of decades yet people still go to offices to work.

Boston Condo Owners and 2021

It might be too soon to plan a lifestyle built around telecommuting, it may not become mainstream in 2021

Here is a “work-from-home forecast”, compiled by the National Association of Realtors. The current 21% is as a result of the pandemic, and that will carry into 2021.

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Boston real estate working from home

The consensus forecast is the compiled median response of 23 economic and housing market experts. It is an educated guess about distance working.

Let’s face it in the Boston real estate industry having an office space in a Beacon Hill condo for sale (or any downtown condo) is a big buyer’s need.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line 

There are those who believe that people need to be in the same room to work together it created energy, but with ZOOM maybe we can overcome that obstacle.

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