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I seem to remember hearing someone say once that the Boston City Council only debated what they read in the Boston Globe the day before.

The same can be said for our local and state governments, apparently.

Several months ago, New York City passed a law outlawing the use of trans-fat in restaurant food.

Several weeks ago, Brookline and Cambridge considered the same idea.

In June of this year, New York State’s anti-scalping law expires, meaning that tickets to sports and theater events will be priced at what the market will bare (bear?).

Yesterday, members of the Massachusetts legislature held a hearing to debate the same issue.

Earlier this year, New York City’s mayor Michael Bloomberg (Medford’s favorite son) proposed planting 1 million trees throughout the five boroughs.

Last month, Boston mayor Thomas Menino proposed planting 100,000 trees throughout Boston’s nine neighborhoods.

And, surely, too many others to list individually.

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Updated:  1st Q 2018

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