Boston condo for sales market

A strong Boston economy and population growth have led to tight Boston housing market with quickly rising real estate prices. In 2019, almost every downtown Boston neighborhood witnessed Boston condos for sale prices exceeding $1,000 per sq ft. In the Boston condo Seaport, prices for some buildings are now above $2,000 per sq ft.  With the area’s geography constraining the amount of developable land, housing will remain tight, putting further upward pressure on prices.

Boston condo rental Market

The Boston condo rental market has been tight, with a vacancy rate very low. Finding a Boston downtown real estate for rent under $2,000 per month is rare. The tight market reflects an increased demand and a limited supply of for-sale housing and apartments.

The rental market has also been tight with a vacancy rate of 4 percent. Strong net in-migration and a low inventory of reasonably priced for-sale housing, along with demographic changes as households postpone homeownership, have contributed to rising rental demand.