Designers such as Philippe Starck have recently gotten into the condo development business.  Developers sign up these “name” designers to add cachet to their projects.  The developers do varying amounts of work – Starck was responsible for the “overall feel” of Charlestown’s Parris Landing, as well as designing the common areas (complete with obligatory baby’s pacifer and duck sculptures).  He is also involved with the YooD4 project, in the South End.

This story is focused more on the designers’ work inside units.  The real question is, does having a big designer on your project increase sales & sales prices, and will it matter at resale time?

Developers Sign Big Designers To Prepackage Condos

In their scramble to attract high-end buyers, condominium and co-op developers are adding another item to their list of amenities: design and furnishings packages from famous names like Barbara Barry and Jade Jagger.

Unlike furnished apartments offered in the past, which were stocked with off-the-store-floor sofas and tables, the new packages include one-of-a-kind designs and six-digit price tags. Some of the packages offer just the basic design elements, like bathroom tiles and lighting fixtures. Others include furnishings, too, down to sofas, silverware and bedsheets.

Buyers are typically offered a number of models to choose from, with names like “nature,” or “modern,” and pay between $40,000 and $450,000 for the service. – Troy McMullen, The Wall Street Journal.

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