This week, New York magazine ran an article subtitled, “The Degentrification of Red Hook”.

Basically, it comes down to this. There is a neighborhood within the New York City borough of Brooklyn called Red Hook.

A couple years ago, there was a mild up-tick in interest in the neighborhood. Everyone interested in real estate

Including Barbara Corcoran, who bought in the area and then trumpeted its appeal on national TV.

Well …

Fast forward two years and what do we find?

Not much has changed.

Empty storefronts, empty lots, etc., etc., etc.

Funny how a slower real estate market does that sort of thing.

Which made me wonder …

dotHow’s Dorchester doing?

The neighborhood of 50,000 residents (an estimate), it is full of three-decker homes, a lot of commercial and light industry, and a melting pot of residents including Hispanic, Vietnamese, etc. It used to be more Irish.

Many three-decker homes were converted into condos over the past half-decade. Things looked good. A higher-income population was moving in, which led to renovations of old housing and an increase in street-life and stores and shops.

Yet, now, things might look a little different.

I’d love to hear from people who actually live there or work there or spend a lot of time there.


Where does Dorchester stand, today?

More: The Embers of Gentrification – # By Adam Sternbergh, New York magazine

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