Not much to add to this.

Developer agrees to trim tower’s size – By Thomas C Palmer, Jr., The Boston Globe

A compromise reached between City Hall and developers of a planned 299-foot-tall residential tower in Chinatown will reduce the height by 34 feet, but means elimination of the revered Dainty Dot building on the site …

… The compromise, described last night to the Boston Design Review Commission, includes reducing the building’s height to 265 feet, or about 4 1/2 floors, paring the number of residential condominiums from 180 to 147, and adding a new park on Oxford Street.

Forty-eight units of “affordable housing” will be built, off-site, as part of the agreement.

I won’t miss it. They were only going to save the exterior, anyway, and I think the majority of projects that do this sort of thing end up looking tragic, depressing, and flat out ugly. Russia Wharf, Penny Savings, NYC’s Hearst building (well, there it’s just a matter of the new building looking heinous – I know I’m in the minority on that one …).

Get the shovels in the ground and let’s put some construction guys to work!

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