Boston condos for sale

Boston condos for sale

From 2005
I am getting a bunch of hits from people doing research on
the Trilogy project, in the Fenway.

I don’t have many specifics.  However,
first off, you should be aware that this is an apartment building, not condos.

There have been plans announced for a condo project where the McDonald’s and Domino’s pizza shop are,

but it’s way too early for that.  They haven’t gone through permitting, or anything,
yet.  The neighborhood will have a lot to say about it, as well.

Contact me for information on either of these…or both.
Proponent: The Project will be developed by F enway Enterprises LLC or an affiliate. Fenway Enterprises LLC is a limited liability company formed under the laws of the State of Delaware. Further information regarding the Proponent and the Project Team are included in Exhibit G attached hereto. Site Description: The Site consists of several contiguous and adjacent parcels of land comprising a total of approximately 2.2 acres, all as more particularly described and shown on the plan of land entitled “Fenway Triangle Mixed Use Project Permit Plan of Land” prepared by DOT Survey Group, dated June 20, 2011, attached hereto as Exhibit B and made a part hereof (the “PDA Overlay Plan”). As shown on the PDA Overlay Plan, the two primary development areas comprising the Site are (i) an approximately 82,586 square foot (1 .9i-acre) area (the “Boylston Street Parcel”), bounded on three sides by Boylston Street, Kilmarnock Street and Van Ness Street; and (ii) an approximately 12,499 square foot square foot (0.3i-acre) area (the “Brookline Avenue Parcel”), bounded in part by Brookline Avenue, Van Ness Street and Kilmarnock Street intersection. The two development areas are across Van Ness Street from each other, as shown on the PDA Overlay Plan. The street addresses of the Boylston Street Parcel are 1325 Boylston Street, 1341 Boylston Street, 16 Kilmarnock Street (90 Van Ness Street) and 80 Van Ness Street. The street address of the Brookline Avenue Parcel is 132 Brookline Avenue. The Proponent controls the entire Site through various affiliates pursuant to the deeds recorded in the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds in Book 35197, Page 288; Book 35197, Page 298 (see also certificates at Book 41155, Page 232 and Book 46741, Page 24); Book 46741, Page 273; and Book 43436, Page 157; and deeds filed in the Suffolk County Registry District of the Land Court as Document Numbers 780858 and 780873. GSDOCS\2058138
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The Site, as shown on the PDA Overlay Plan, is occupied by various small buildings and parking uses. The Brookline Avenue Parcel includes an existing, three- story building with office and retail uses. The Boylston Street Parcel comprises a collection of parking lots and one and two—story buildings historically used for automotive uses, including the Van Ness Garage, a former Goodyear auto repair facility and a former gas station. The repair facility and gas station have been temporarily re- purposed as small retail and service uses. The existing buildings will be razed prior to the construction of the Project. Boylston Street is a wide street dominated by vehicular traffic, which has recently seen increased pedestrian activity with completion of the mixed-use developments at 1330 Boylston Street (“1330 Boylston”) and at the Fenway Triangle Trilogy Project (“Trilogy”). Notwithstanding these recent, successful additions, the area along Boylston Street in the proximity of the Site still consists primarily of suburban-style fast-food outlets, gas stations, parking lots and other commercial uses occupying low-rise commercial and industrial buildings that do not form consistent street walls. The Boylston Street Parcel is located between the Trilogy mixed-use project, across Kilmarnock Street to the west, and a low—slung commercial building containing a Subway sandwich shop, to the east. To the north of the Boylston Street Parcel is Van Ness Street, which is dominated by parking and service uses on both sides for its entire length between Kilmarnock Street and Yawkey Way. Across Boylston Street to the south is the 1330 Boylston mixed-use project and a Burger King restaurant with surface parking.
Fenway Triangle Trilogy is modern city living at its most refined. Based in the heart of the Fenway neighborhood, its 576 luxury rental units are just steps from world-class museums, restaurants, sports and hospitals. Filled with high-end appliances and built on contemporary open floor plans, the residences at Fenway Triangle Trilogy are primed for today’s Bostonian.

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Boston condos for sale


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