It looks as though they’re almost sold out of units in the new Art Block condo development, located in the RED HOT AND AWESOME South End, at 725 – 735 Harrison Ave.

This week’s Boston Homes had a full-page advertisement announcing prices for the final three units available for sale.

These include:

Unit # 306, 1149 square foot loft-style home, $469,000
Unit # 104, 1156 square foot one-bedroom, one and one-half bath, duplex, $549,000
Unit # 108, 1087 square foot one-bedroom, two baths, duplex, $569,000

Garage parking is available for sale.

My guess is, if these are the last three units available (out of 54 total), the developer might be willing to work a deal – perhaps consider any reasonable offer (20% off?) or maybe the developer would throw in a parking space with any full-priced offer?

The units left have their pluses and minuses.

The pluses are that they have a lot of space for the money.

The minuses are that two of them are first-floor, so they face a busy street, with people walking by (peering in?) all day & night, and with lots of potential noise (buses go by on all three sides). I’ve been in them, however, and I think most people could deal with it. All you really need are some of those Hunter-Douglas blinds that go up and down (name please?) so you can block out the street life while still getting a lot of sun (#108 gets a lot of sun). Plus, why block out street life? You live in the BEST NEIGHBORHOOD IN AMERICA.

The third unit, #306, is a big unit, at a good price. It is top-floor, and gets a lot of sun. However, you’d have to do a good amount of work on the interior. This was originally an “affordable” unit, meaning it was set aside for sale in the affordable housing lottery. Instead, the developer is selling it, market-rate.

The unit has “white” appliances, no granite, no flooring, and a very basic bath.

The advantage is that you get to put in all the finishes and appliances to your own personal taste.

It is long and wide, so configuring a bedroom might also be a challenge, although my preference would be to leave it open, loft-style.

If you are interested in seeing any of these three units, please let me know.

If you are able to close prior to December 31, 2007, I’d be willing to negotiate my buyer agent fee, as well.

(Negotiate it down, just so there’s no confusion. Ha ha!)

Contact me to find out more about Boston condos for sale or to set up an appointment call/text 617-595-3712.

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