As with every other aspect of life in downtown Boston in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic dominated the Boston real estate industry this year — wreaking havoc on markets, shattering our ingrained routines and traditions at home, changing the way we move around, and leaving us with an uneasy awareness that 2021 may be equally unpredictable.

But then, like everyone in this unrivaled year of turmoil and confusion, we also tried to reserve some of our attention for ideas and issues that might otherwise have been obscured by the all-consuming breadth of the pandemic. Some of our readers’ favorites in 2020 were entertaining diversions, while others shone a light on troubling trends in the Boston real estate for sale market.

Here are the most read Boston real estate blog posts in 2020

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Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

As we draw the curtain on 2020 I want to thank all my Boston real estate blog readers for taking the time to read my Boston real estate thoughts.