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House hunting: The Best Platforms That Will Help You Find Your Dream House

To find your dream house, you need to be ready to go all the way, and this task is one of the most difficult in everyday family matters. It means that from the first day you decide to buy a house, you have to refuse to compromise at all times.

Professional help

The first step that you should take if you do not know the specific area of ​​purchase is to contact unique platforms. This way, you can immerse yourself in the real estate world and prepare a little before meeting with the options presented to you as suitable.

Or to a realtor whose office you trust. It can be decorated stylishly and modernly, or pleasant people, in your opinion, will work there. You can find the right people who understand your wishes. You might be a medical worker studying for your PANCE exam or some other challenging exam and you need a quiet place to prepare for it. You will certainly want someone who can make it happen.

Feel free to choose someone who will help you – ask a specific person to be sure of the result. You can find the right experts for all rooms of your house. For instance, if you want to get the bathroom of your dreams you can partner with a water heater company.

The main thing is that you feel comfortable while searching and do not give up a good option simply because you want to end communication with your realtor quickly. Here are the best platforms that will help you find your dream house.


Homesnap offers technology that allows real estate brokers to manage listings in their apps and on their websites. The essence of the platform is for you to take a picture of any home to find out all about it and explore over 90 million US homes using the same data as your real estate agent. Approximately 300,000 residential real estate professionals use the platform. The company predicts its revenues to exceed $ 40 million by 2021, up 45% from a year earlier.

The HomeSnap mobile app works very simply. You walk up to the house, put it in the frame of your iPhone, and click the virtual shutter. After a few seconds, the screen displays the approximate cost of the building, the number, and the type of rooms. Also, what kind of heating system is used, the types of floors, wooden floor or other and much more you do not always know. Oddly enough, there is no magic in this.

Ford Realty Inc

The Boston Real Estate Blog is a place where you can find writings regarding real estate and advice for people who are interested in buying or selling a home in places near Boston. The real estate agents of Boston Reb guide people every step of the home-buying process, avoiding any problems that might come up along the way. They have all the necessary tips on either buying a new house on a budget or selling your old one at a good price.

This website certainly helps everyone to search for the home of their dreams, or to help them sell their current home. You don’t even have to leave the house, you can simply search this website for different home types, from traditional to modern. It even offers a Map section where online visitors or potential clients can search for their location of choice. It all happens with a click of a finger.


The platform is one of the largest online platforms in the United States, featuring residential properties. As a discount broker, the company provides a wide range of services related to concluding a transaction for the acquisition of a real estate object, including transaction support, a solution for initializing a mortgage transaction, real estate appraisal, redemption, as well as new digital solutions for accessing an object and closing a transaction. Redfin brings services to residents of 90 markets in the US and Canada.

Unlike other real estate sites, Redfin’s agents work in the field – planting For Sale signs on lawns and working directly with sellers and buyers. Based on the familiar model of the brokerage business, the company pays its employees a salary, not a commission; bonuses directly depend on the level of happiness of the clients served.


Today, it is a marketplace and the largest database of houses in the United States (according to Zillow itself). They now have all the information on more than 110 million homes in the database. Zillow knows how much each house in the United States is worth at a given time, knows the whole history of each house: when it was built, bought, resold, who lived, what tax was paid, what repairs it took, knows which agent sold this house, at what price and what I received the commission. Each house in the Zillow database has a photo and video. In addition, Zillow knows how much the price of a house will increase if a Starbucks, coworking spaces or a private school opens in the area. This amount of data is only available on Zillow.

But Zillow went further and decided to exclude the realtor from the transaction chain and began to buy houses from the owners and sell them to buyers. Thus, having occupied the brokerage niche. Last year, Zillow acquired tens of thousands of homes and sold them, bringing in $ 1.4 billion in revenue. At the same time, Zillow takes all the data from open sources and, thanks to deep machine learning, correlates them, aggregates, sorts among themselves, and can result in three parties transactions: the seller, the buyer, and the broker.

Final words

Recently, I am pleased with the trend of growth in the number of consultations on housing choice. Buying a house is one of those life accomplishments that everyone puts on their list of things to do in their lifetime. Use the information you read, and your searches will become much easier for you. It will help you focus on precisely those qualities that require the most attention.

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