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Fiserv Lending Solutions, a provider of mortgage and consumer lending services, has forecasted which way housing prices will go in 379 of the largest cities in America.

Fiserv forecasts a significant stagnation in housing prices for the United States in 2006 — median home prices overall will inch up only 1.5 percent this year. And many metro areas will experience drops, including some of the largest, and most expensive, ones such as New York (down 2.43 percent), Los Angeles (down 3 percent) and Washington (down 1.9 percent).

There are several Massachusetts cities listed, including Boston – Quincy, Worcester, and Cambridge – Newton – Framingham.

The company is estimating that (median) prices will drop between 1-2% in these cities.

Were you expecting a bigger drop?

I guess it’s not to be.

Complete article: Hot home markets to cool down…how will your home fare? – Price forecasts for 379 metro areas for 2006 – By Les Christie, CNN/Money

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Updated: January 2018

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