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As a Boston real estate broker, I like to keep up with the newest technological trends. Not because I’m some kind of computer geek, because I’m a business owner and I need to.

Today, I was asked do I do ZOOM ( the newest video trend). Sadly, I nor my staff ever tried it on a business platform, that needs to change.

I’m always been fascinated with individuals that take an idea and follow through and make it so successful, leaving the rest of us to saying; “why didn’t I think of that.”

“Is that’s a good idea?”

If so…

“Then what happens?”

Repeat the second question 100 times. Because after every good idea, there are at least 100 steps of iteration, learning, adjustment, innovation, and effort.

But not committing to the 100 steps is a waste of a good idea.

We put a lot of pressure on the idea to be perfect because it distracts us from the reality that a hundred steps after the idea can change our lifestyle.

Nearly every successful individual or an organization you can point to is built around an idea that wasn’t original or perfect.

The effort and investment and evolution made the difference.

Now let me tell you the story about Zoom – somehow I’ll wrap this up with a Boston real estate theme.

The business success story:

Eric Yuan came to the U.S. from China in the mid-’90s to pursue the internet boom—but it took a while to get here. The first eight times he applied for a U.S. visa, he was denied. Finally, on the ninth attempt, he was approved, but the process lasted two years. 

In 2012, after working for a Silicon Valley communication startup for years prior, Yuan founded the communication platform Zoom. In an interview with Thrive Global, Yuan says that Zoom started as a daydream, a solution to a long-distance relationship that required a plane or train ride to see the other. 

Now, Zoom is used by more than 750,000 companies (err… except mine) to keep their teams and clients connected through video and audio conferencing, collaborative workspaces, chat, and more. The real-time, face-to-face aspect of Zoom makes it easier for companies to stay in touch, so people can easily work from home or stay connected while working remotely or across several office locations.

The Boston real estate takeaway:

Yuan’s difficult U.S. visa experience is a reality for many immigrants. But it’s also a testament to what can happen if you’re persistent and willing to keep trying. Whether you’re applying for a mortgage to buy Boston real estate in Beacon Hill, Midtown, or the Seaport a drive of determination will yield results—even if it takes a few years.

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