The Globe had a great article in yesterday’s paper about converting your home from oil to gas heat.

Philip Giudice, commissioner of the state’s Department of Energy Resources says, “Massachusetts residents who heat with oil spent about $2,345 last winter, while natural gas users paid about $1,593.

… [Commissioner Philip] Giudice said “homeowners must weigh the up-front costs of converting – which range from $5,000 to upward of $10,000 – against how many years it would take to recoup the money through lower heating bills. Consumers also need to compare that number with the cost of other improvements they could make, such as adding insulation, upgrading appliances, installing weather stripping, or replacing windows.

The article is wonderful, but is really weak on the most important part – how much will the typical homeowner need to pay in order to make the switch? Saying “$5,000 – $10,000” is pretty inexact. I would’ve preferred three or four real-life examples, and maybe one using a condo building.

I think converting to gas is a great idea (no offense, oil-guys) and not just for the cost; gas cooking is great.

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