For some potential buyers, Boston condos are extremely appealing because they often offer a variety of amenities and tend to require less upkeep than single-family homes. However, there are still a few details you should consider about each condo you look at before deciding if it’s right for you. When searching for Beacon Hill condos or a downtown Boston high rise, keep these 4 factors in mind to determine if the unit is up to your standards.

1. Floors

Generally, high-risers meet a higher design standard than low-rise or mid-rise buildings. Here’s a floor breakdown:

  • Low-rise = 1 to 6 stories
  • Mid-rise = 7 to 12 stories
  • High-rise = 13 stories and above

To ensure a unit is on the floor you desire, review the building plan. Sometimes people are shocked to find out their unit is actually two levels lower than expected. This can occur if the first two floors are below street grade.

2. Floor Plan

This blueprint shows the features of surrounding condos and the specific location of the one you’re considering. To get a sense of passing traffic on a given floor, assess its number of units. Also, determine the unit’s location relative to the elevator and garbage chute.

3. Square Footage

It’s important to understand how a Boston condo unit is measured. Some developers measure from exterior walls, adding unusable space to the total amount. Others include outdoor space, such as a balcony, hallway, or storage area. Such calculations can add 10 to 40 percent additional footage, giving you the erroneous impression of a larger unit.

4. Operation

Test the plumbing by opening all faucets, make sure the water pressure and drainage are adequate, and check the air conditioning system to make sure it functions optimally. Spots on walls and ceilings indicate leakage. Ensure all doors and cabinets open and close properly. Being thorough spares future surprises..

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