This Sunday 10pm on AMC, “Mad Men,” will kick off its new season.

For those of you who don’t watch the show, it basically revolves around a 1960s ad agency in Manhattan. It centers on a cast of characters who drink and smoke as they struggle through their workday.

Then it follows the characters home and we watch them drink and smoke (again) as they struggle through their home lives. And, in every episode, we get to see the characters blow off a little steam at their local bar, where they drink and smoke and struggle through their social lives.

How anyone can pass up quality TV like that is beyond me. But it got me thinking, if the characters of “Mad Men” were to come to Boston, just where would they go to do their drinking and smoking.

My guess it would be either be Morton’s or the Capital Grill.

File Under: Sorry, slow Boston real estate news day.