Downtown Boston Real Estate Search for 2021


Is it easier to buy a Boston condo then purcahing toothpaste at CVS?

I went to a CVS store in Beacon Hill, to buy a tube of toothpaste. It did not take me long to find one.  I grabbed the first tube of Crest and headed to the nearest cash register where I stood and waited while the two cashiers worked with customers on ( I guess) complicated and time-consuming transactions.  Other employees came and joined the cashiers and helped with the transactions and there was a lot of talking as the line in front of the cash register grew longer and longer. 

After a while, I could see that I would be late for my next Beacon Hill apartment showing if I had to wait much longer. I was waiting and waiting and was considering leaving and coming back later for the dam toothpaste.

Eventually, a friendly-looking CVS woman agreed to take me as her next transaction so that I could buy the toothpaste and leave the store.

She asked me if I wanted to apply for a CVS card.  I said no.  She told me I could save 10% by opening a CVS account.  I said no and looked at my watch.  She rang up my purchase after I slid my credit card through the little card reader.

Then the transaction got really complicated. I really should have paid cash.  What was I thinking?

The clerk told me I actually had a rewards card and then asked me if I had my CVS tag, I said no, and then she asked me for my phone number.  The thing that I swiped my card through asked me for a pin number and then if I wanted cashback.  Then I was asked if I wanted to donate X amount to [fill in blank with charity]

Finally, a dollar amount appeared on the little screen and I was asked to approve it.  [yes] and then I was asked to sign my name.  Then I was given this huge wad of paper with coupons and surveys.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

Does buying one tube of toothpaste really have to be that complicated?  Buying a Boston condo is a bit more complicated, I guess, but you won’t be asked if you want a new credit card or to give to a charity or if you want to use your “points” card and you probably won’t have to wait in line and there are no reward points. 

On the other hand, if reward points could have prevented COVID-19 and a slow down of the Boston downtown condo sales market maybe we should consider it.

Next online, please.

Downtown Boston Real Estate Search for 2021