Some people are having a really tough time, right now.  Of course I’m referring to those in the South.  Just a total tragedy.  Unfortunate, for all involved.

For the rest of us watching from afar, the hurricane and its aftermath will have great repercussions, if you believe what you read in the papers (or online).

For example, Holden Lewis, from, has this little snippet of information:

KATRINA: The National Association of Home Builders says 275,000 homes were destroyed in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. Furthermore, 9,000 NAHB member builders were displaced and lost their homes or businesses. Those thousands of builders will have to rebuild their own businesses before they can rebuild houses.

What a mess.

Previously the worst disasters destroyed about 38,000 homes.
This disaster is so much beyond precedent that it just about makes me speechless.

Yeah, that’s a problem.  For all of us.  While our focus and concern remains with those who have lost their lives or loved-ones, it’s not inappropriate to be wondering about the long-term effects (and long-distance effects), as well.


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