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Nice little story in the Herald.  A homeowner was facing foreclosure.  A local real estate agent stepped in and was able to get the bank to back off, giving the homeowner some time to work things out.

I have no doubt the agent did this out of the kindness of his heart.  Honestly, some agents are in real estate because they like helping people buy and sell homes.

To a high bidder, 49-51 Woodbine St. might have been just another two-family home in Roxbury to spruce up and resell.

But to Allen Curry, it has been his castle since he was 11. And yesterday morning, after a close call with the auctioneer, his kingdom is still intact.

“It is completely taken care of,â€? a joyful Curry said after the auctioneer and his assistant drove away from his home without ever asking for an opening bid. “It is canceled and it will never happen again.”

At a time of growing foreclosures in Boston, Curry’s upbeat story is a bit of a rarity.

Complete article: Gavel plan nixed, man’s home safe – The Boston Herald

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Updated: January 2018

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