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Martha Stewart designed my home

Word came this week that Martha Stewart is lending her name (and brand) to a line of homes manufactured and sold by KB Homes.

I never really cared one way or another about Martha Stewart until I started watching “The Apprentice” (and apparently I’m the only one watching, based on its ratings).  I like her, a lot.

She’s a bit cocky, wouldn’t you say?

“Let’s face it, everybody wants to live in one of my homes,” she said yesterday morning, during a tour of the work her design team has been doing on the interiors of the new houses. “You see one of them and you don’t want to leave.”

I can’t understand why she is getting into this home-building scheme.  She says it doesn’t cheapen her image, but, really, look at the homes.  Maybe they’re your style, but for 90% of New Englanders, they look like a wreck.  I say “they” because just about everyone of these homes by KB Homes and Toll Brothers look exactly the same.

By Rick Lyman, The New York Times

THE color rendering of a modest two-and-a-half-story suburban home, facing the street, with two garage doors and a recessed porch, may not immediately bring to mind Martha Stewart’s 153-acre estate in upper Westchester County with its stables, gardens and manor house.

But that’s the idea.

A licensing deal unveiled this week bringing together Ms. Stewart’s how-to empire and KB Home, one of the country’s largest community developers, is being described by both sides as the synergistic, all-but-inevitable mingling of two home-oriented giants. The deal calls for the construction of 650 homes early next year in a subdivision in Cary, N.C., to be called “KB Home Twin Lakes: Homes Created With Martha Stewart” and inspired by the look of three of her residences.

Complete article: Marthatown: Living in the Bubble

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