Here’s some random thoughts, off

the top of my head.  I need more original content on this site, instead of just copying things

from other websites (although that’s pretty much what bloggers do, now, don’t


First, if I had to choose which projects I’m most interested in seeing come

to life, the list would include the redevelopment of the East Boston shore-line.  A company

called "Lennar" out of Florida is in charge, I believe.  It’ll be interesting to

see if they can get the downtown buyer to move out there.  The views will be extraordinary,

but the commute can be a drag (by tunnel or bridge) and Maverick Square sure ain’t Back


Also on my list would be any sort of development in the Fan Pier / Seaport

area.  There is one project under construction, right now, but that’s about it.  The

Institute for Contemporary Art has a building going up, so that’ll be a nice touch. 

Meanwhile, the new bus station down there gets the award for least-used, best looking public

transit entrance.

On an unrelated note, I read a lot about Brooklyn and all of the

development that’s going on down there.  I have only been through there twice or three-times,

so I don’t know it well.  I know that parts of it are sketchy, but also that a lot of it is

made up of nice old single-family homes.  I was trying to think of the equivalent in Boston,

and it seems to me that it shares some similarities with Boston.  Distance to downtown,

housing stock, history, etc.  Dorchester is just on fire, when it comes to housing and real

estate.  People have been gut-renovating single-families for about 20-years, maybe, and in the

past two-to-three, developers have taken on three-family homes and turning them into condos. 

The quality of work is great!

So, that’s about it.  Gotta go drop off an

envelope or two. 

And, yes, I promise to not use the word "musings"

ever again.



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