I love this idea.

Down in New York City, developers are turning a bunch of the old, luxury hotels into condos.

So, that’s a bit sad, well, sad if you were one of the few who could afford (or choose) to pay $1,000 for a hotel room.

They’re now turning The Stanhope into condos. Or, as the marketing material puts it, there are “A Limited Edition of 26 Masterwork Residences by Rosario Candela and John Simpson.” – “Starting at 10 Million.”

The prices go up rapidly from there. A 7,067 square foot, five-bedroom penthouse will run you $47.5 million, plus $20,000 in monthly charges.

The best part of the new building? The developer is offering housing for your “help”, on the first floor.

Although there are no small apartments, there are staff suites on the ground floor, which are, according to [Corcoran sales agent Deborah] Grubman, “for your chef, housekeeper, driver or for a home office.” They can only be sold with the larger units; they range in size from 450 to 600 square feet and in price from about $1 million up to $1.4 million.


More details: Apartments Fit for a Queen, and Her Whole Entourage – By Suzanne Slesin, The New York Times

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Updated: January 2018

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