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A new blog focused on the Boston real estate market, from the point of view of an international buyer.

So far, it seems to be off to a good start. There are a couple of interesting posts about buying in the US, a discussion of exchange rates, a review of some of the more popular neighborhoods, as well as a couple of listings thrown in for good measure.

From the author:

I have just started a new blog for foreigners interested in buying residential real estate in Boston. It’s still very new and there are many new features I plan on introducing. You can find it at

I really view it as an independent journal (I am not a Realtor) for anyone new to Boston and Boston real estate. I live both in the United States and Italy, and I have a vague idea of the European sensibility when it comes to housing and life in general.

I will offer a brief introductory guide to each of the downtown neighborhoods, and ultimately I hope to also feature listings from various downtown neighborhoods each week.

From the website:

Searching for a home in Boston can be a daunting task if you live abroad. exists to help introduce international buyers to Boston and the home buying process.

Use our site to find out more about the logistics of house buying in the United States. Catch up on neighborhood news, surf our links to other Boston real estate websites, and check out our featured house listings.

Our neighborhood descriptions can help give you a feel for each downtown neighborhood, and our picks can help you find the best places to find the important stuff in life… like a loaf of crusty bread or a decent wedge of cheese.

Ultimately, should you decide you need a Realtor, we can even help you find a professional who can work with you in your search for a place to call home.

It appears the blog will be supported by ad revenue, as well as, I assume, referrals to local real estate agents (the legality of which, the founder needs to explore).

Good luck, Pam!

Boston Real Estate for Sale


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