Frank McCourt, previously the owner of large parcels of land down in the Seaport, has sold off most of his land, the bulk of it to News Corp., as part of a deal he made when he acquired the Los Angeles Dodgers (that was a mouthful).

Last week, he sold off the remainder (except for one small parcel).

According to the Globe:

The buyer of the properties, housing Eastern Pier II and the Seaport Bar & Grille and located next to Anthony’s Pier 4, is Jon Cronin, a South Boston restaurateur, owner of the Boston Beer Garden and the Playwright Bar & Cafe, both on East Broadway.

Condos and new restaurants are planned for the parcels, although regulations require that the public have access to the waterfront, among other things.

Truly, the Seaport District is an opportunity unlike any other Boston has seen, for at least 160 years.

Source: McCourt sells last two valuable waterfront sites – By Thomas C Palmer, Jr., The Boston Globe

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