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Sir Norman Foster, architect extraordinaire, is getting grief in the New York City blog world.  They are all saying, some seriously, that he lifted the idea (“filched” is the word used by of his new Hearst Tower from designs by other architects.

Most building design is derivative, anyway, wouldn’t you say?  I mean, how different can four walls be?

The Hearst Tower is just not a very good-looking building, that’s the real crime.  I walked by the base of it, yesterday.  Once you get close to it, you suddenly see that they’ve build the glass and steel new building inside an existing frame-facade of typical New York townhouses.  (Okay, I’m having trouble with words, again. Not good.

Foster is also the architect for the new wing at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Alert: Ground-breaking on the new wing at the MFA is scheduled for November 14th.  Expect lots of dirt to be shoveled.

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