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Mayor (and future US President) Michael Bloomberg has been pushing a plan to charge people who drive their cars into midtown Manhattan, during the workday.

If the Mayor is able to get the plan passed by next Monday, the city of New York would be eligible for as much as $500 million in funds from the federal government.

Bloomberg needs to get the approval of the state legislature. They are in recess right now, and the odds look increasingly slim that he’ll be able to get them to agree to the plan, in time. Apparently, many Democrats are lining up against the proposal, seeing it as an unfair burden on the city’s middle- and lower-classes.

It’s too bad. The plan is an awesome one.

Regardless of whether or not the proposal gets approved by next Monday, it should be passed, next time the legislature is in session.

(Oddly, the Mayor’s plan wasn’t mentioned in his interview with Ann Curry during the Live Earth concert, over the weekend.)

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