Boston real estate brokers who were surveyed indicated that one-third of their pet-owning clients often or very often will refuse to make an offer on a Boston condo because its not ideal for their animal. Boston real estate agents also noted. 61% find it difficult or very difficult to locate a rental property or a Boston condo association that will accommodate their pets.

The National Association Realtors survey also stated:

  • 81% of pet owners who are considering buying a Boston condo consider their pets needs in their decision.
  • 52% Boston condo pet owners have taken up home renovations to accommodate their pet.
  • 99% of pet owners consider their pet as part of their family.

On the flip side:

When it comes to selling a Boston condo, 67% of Boston real estate agents say animals have a moderate to major effect on selling a home. Approximately 2/3 of brokers say that  they advise sellers who have animals to always replace carpets or/and any items that has been damaged b their pets.In addition, have the home professionally cleaned to remove animal scents.

Here are few more items brokers recommend: 

A Trupanion news release focused on millennials in particular regarding pets:

  • 12 percent of millennials have ended a romantic relationship because of their pet.
  • 40 percent of millennials have moved into a new home, condo or apartment in order to live in a more pet-friendly environment.
  • 43 percent of millennials refer to their pet as their “fur baby” while only 20 percent of baby boomers use the same reference. Pet owners who refer to their pets as “fur babies” are more likely than the average owner to allow their pet on their bed (57 percent).
  • 13 percent of millennials cook food specifically for their pet every day, while two-thirds (67 percent) of millennials have indicated that they will take the time to cook meals specifically for their pet on occasion.
  • 30 percent of millennials choose the restaurants or bars they frequent based on the ability to bring their pets.
  • 5 percent of millennials choose to permanently tattoo their body with the love of their life … their pet.

“The aim of this study was to take

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