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When you pick a Boston condo, you largely go on looks, right? Yes, price, location, blah blah, of course– but largely you go on what you like. Is this the same basis you should use in selecting a Boston real estate agent? Here too, do you base your choice on looks?

Logically, no. But if looks have nothing to do with an agent’s success, why do so many agents spring for the color photo on the business card? The over-sized billboard depicting their smiling faces looming over you? Their fist-sized countenances staring back at you (again, always with that same smile!) and now I see them on the child seat section of shopping carts.

According to a recent Yahoo article some claim it does make a big difference for a real estate agent to have photos on their business cards:

From a fishbowl full of hundreds of business cards, I can remember every conversation I had with the people whose cards have a photo. The conversations I had with people without photos are completely forgotten. Sorry, but they are.
People remember faces. Ugly faces, pretty faces; doesn’t matter. They may not remember the name that belongs to the face, but they know if they’ve seen a face before.

And the fact is, real estate agents are a dime a dozen. You may be doing an awesome job handing out your business card, but rest assured that your competition is, too. And if the “other” card sitting on someone’s desk has a photo and yours doesn’t, which agent is more likely to be remembered by that person?

I don’t have my picture on my business card or blog. If you saw what I look like you’d know why. But seriously, what are your thoughts of real estate agents with smiley photos on their business cards. Does it have any influence on you? Will you remember me even if I don’t have a photo?

File Under: I hope I’m not being “inconsiderate” and “unprofessional” – again.

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The pictures above are not my agents….but I wish they were.

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