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Several media sources are reporting that a pair of buildings proposed for the Prudential Plaza in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood have been shortened, in response to concerns voiced by some residents in the area.

An office building with the address of 888 Boylston Street has dropped from 19 to 17 stories and a condominium building around the corner on Exeter Street has gone from 30 to 27 stories, according to the published reports.

The commercial building is far higher than what is allowed under a master plan designed, reviewed, and approved several years ago, but it is the residential building that seems to be facing more opposition. The issues appear to be 1) the narrow street may not be able to handle the additional traffic; and, 2) tenants in an apartment building (renters) next to the proposed tower would be facing a building instead of open space, affecting the amount of sunlight they are able to receive.

Both problems seem surmountable, to me at least, but then again, you are talking about the BBAC and NAAG and a bunch of other naysayer organizations.

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