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As previously reported by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, in 2006, and here and on the Boston Condos blog, the Quiet Man pub in South Boston is closing, and will be replaced by a 64-unit condominium complex, complete with first-floor retail.

From today’s Herald:

The Quiet Man, a gruff South Boston barroom, is closing, to make way for yet another condominium project along the once-gritty stretch of West Broadway.

Yesterday, inside the dark cozy bar, owners and regulars said that between the area’s still-sky-high real estate prices and a drop-off in business, the shuttering of the Quiet Man is both sad and inevitable.

“It’s a neighborhood bar, but there’s not much of a neighborhood here anymore,” said Tim Buckley, one of the bar’s three owners.

Oh, and a message to you South Bostonians complaining about it? “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT” is what I say.

Source: Condos to replace hole-in-the-wall Southie bar – By Christine McConville, The Boston Herald

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