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Stephen Wolfram is pitting a bunch of search engines — especially Google and Bing — against each other to see which is the “Jeopardy” champ.

Wolfram fed a random sample of the 200,000 “Jeopardy!” clues into several commonly used search engines and counted how many times the correct answer — in the form of a question, naturally — was displayed on the first page of the search results.

I wanted to see if my unscientific study would come out with the same results as Wolfram. So I placed the term “Boston real estate” into several search engines. Guess what….my results were the same as Wolfman.

So who reigns superior on the Search Engine Search, drum roll… please

According to Wolfram’s and my tests, Google was No. 1.

Google came up with the correct answer in the first page results category 69 percent of the time and Bing 63 percent.

In the right-the-first-time test category, Google got it right 66 percent of the time. Bing came in at 65 percent. came in at 51 percent.

I came up with the same conclusion, on the Google search engine for the term “Boston real estate” Ford Realty ranked #4 on the first page of Google. Your favorite Boston real estate blog ranked 5th on the first page of Google (these stats change daily).

The outcome for Bing, wasn’t as good. For the term “Boston real estate” this real estate blog came in #6th on the first page and Ford Realty Inc came in as # 9 on the first page of Bing.

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with, but I didn’t even show up – at all.

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