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Sadly Interesting. Like watching a slow motion train wreck.

File Under: Stretched out Mona Lisa, sign this document!!

A brief summary of the deposition:

Lawyer: What did you study when you went to college for one year?
Alleged Robo Signer: Nothing…

Lawyer: How many legal documents did you sign as an officer or Vice President of the company Nationwide Title Clearing?
Robo-Signer: I don’t know….over 50,000.

Lawyer: Did you read the mortgage documents before you signed them?
Alleged Robo Signer: NO.

Lawyer: Can you estimate how long you spent on an assignment of a mortgage before you assigned the mortgage?
Alleged Robo Signer: A few seconds.

Lawyer: Do you know what a promissory note is?
Alleged Robo Signer: Long pause…Ahh….it says the interest rate and stuff like that.

Lawyer: Do you know what “good and valuable consideration” is?
Alleged Robo Signer: No

Want more torture part 4:

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