Have you ever gotten tired of looking at the same thing over and over in your Boston Beacon Hill condo? Me too. I can’t stare at something for too long because then it starts to look incorrect.

The same can be said about the landscape you see everyday in your Beacon Hill condo. The bedroom walls, the kitchen cabinets, the dining room table. The more you look at something, the more you see, the more you notice. The cracks in the paint, the swing in the cabinet, the scratches on the table.

Breathe new life into your  Beacon Hill condo before placing it on the market for sale


If you have wallpaper on your walls, rip it off and start fresh, Beacon Hill condo buyers will notice this Try a different finish than what you had before. 


Depending on what your kitchen cabinets are made of, paint them for a fresh look! Instead of spending money for installation of new cabinets – paint it! Paint it darker for a more sleek chic look in your kitchen


It’s really easy to forget about the switches in your Beacon Hill condo for sale, but you shouldn’t. It is the connection between you and the light in your house. Doing an inexpensive change, like switching the old and dated switch plates to something newer, such as something with a dim light or a button instead of a switch, will really breathe new air into your home.


If all your walls are plain or just one color throughout your Beacon Hill condominium, add something new that makes it different. For example, a wall with a larger photo of some sort of artwork. If you’re more into the minimalist look – add a geometric pattern onto the wall itself – use tape and paint and next thing you know you have an artistic wall that stands out!


Even though this isn’t necessarily a renovation – it can make your living space so much more different if you do it right. Get rid of everything that you don’t need. Less is better when you want to sell a Boston Beacon Hill condo for sale


Add a trim to that wonderful mirror in your bathroom. Some basic shelving and a frame will really change the look and feel of your bathroom. See yourself in a different light, be picture-perfect with a frame and store your beauty products on a new shelf to make it easy to see and reach.


Some ideas to help you feel like you’re in a brand new place without spending too much money is always a great summer do-it-yourself project. 

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